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The Greatest Question

Where is the truth?

Agnostic Beliefs?
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I'm searching for something elusive... the truth...
Somewhere along my path of life I've lost what is truly important to me, now further down that path I have to regroup and rediscover who I am and what I believe.

I think this is the basis of being Agnostic. This is where people first being to question their faith, any faith whether it be Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, whatever. I just know that people who REALLY question the beliefs that they have grown up with almost always end up saying why even try.

This community is for people who haven't COMPLETELY given up hope in finding the truth and are still searching or have decided ( like myself) that their religion or belief is that there is no "Right" way there is just knowledge and self respect.

This Community has been founded for people to share, without being judged, their beliefs and their philosophies on life and other spiritual questions.

New members please give a brief description of your beliefs and any general questions you have for other people. Thanks.